Friday, 6 March 2015

Pre-Order Toodler Girl 2-Pieces T-Shirt Set [1Y to 4Y]

Holabebe & GCP Baby 2-Piece T-Shirt Set

Saiz available : 1Y,2Y, 3Y & 4Y
Age with (L) : Limited stock only left 1 piece only, immediate payment is required.
Material : Cotton 

Cuddle Me Baby Measurement Sizing:
Shirt – Shoulder: 25cm, Bust: 27cm, Length: 36cm
Pants – Waist: 19-22cm, Length: 26cm

2 years old
Shirt – Shoulder: 26cm, Bust: 28cm, Length: 37cm
Pants – Waist: 20-23cm, Length: 27cm

3 years old
Shirt – Shoulder: 27cm, Bust: 29cm, Length: 38cm
Pants – Waist: 21-24cm, Length: 28cm

4 years old
Shirt – Shoulder: 28cm, Bust: 30cm, Length: 39cm
Pants – Waist: 22-25, Length: 29cm
Price include postage :
Peninsular Malaysia : RM30 per piece / RM50 for two pieces / RM72 for three pieces / RM95 for four pieces
Sarawak : RM33 per piece / RM53 for two pieces / RM75 for three pieces / RM98 for four pieces
Sabah / Labuan : RM34 per piece / RM54 for two pieces / RM76 for three pieces / RM99 for four pieces

Delivery will take 1-3 working days.

To order, please qoute :
Product code :
Age :
Place of Mailing adresss : Peninsular Malaysia / Sarawak / Sabah / Labuan
Bank for payment : Maybank / CIMB

Reservation is not allowed. First Pay First Serve.

This order will send separately if order with others baby clothes products or toys, bag & bean bag. But will send together if order with toddler or kid pyjamas.

Thank you.

TTG001 - 12-18M (L), 2Y, 3Y & 4Y (Holabebe)

TTG002 - 3Y Only (Cuddle Me)

TTG003 - 12-18M, 2Y (L) & 3Y (Cuddle Me)

TTG004 - 12-18M, 2Y, 3Y & 4Y (GCP Baby)

TTG005 - 3Y (L) Only (Holabebe)

TTG006 - 12-18M Only (GCP Baby)

TTG007 - 12-18M, 2Y, 3Y & 4Y (GCP Baby)

TTG009 - 12-18M, 2Y, 3Y & 4Y (GCP Baby)

TTG010 - 12-18M, 2Y, 3Y & 4Y Only (GCP Baby)

TTG011 - 12-18M, 2Y (L) & 3Y (L) (Holabebe)

TTG012 - 2Y (L) & 3Y Only (GCP Baby)

TTG013 - 12-18M, 2Y & 3Y (GCP Baby)

TTG014 - 12-18M, 2Y (L) & 3Y (L) (GCP Baby)

TTG015 - 12-18M Only (Holabebe)

TTG016 - 12-18M , 2Y, 3Y & 4Y (L) (GCP Baby)

TTG017 - 12-18M, 2Y & 3Y (L) (GCP Baby)

TTG018 - 3Y (L) (GCP Baby)

TTG019 - 12-18M & 2Y Only (GCP Baby)

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